What We Do

Wavefive’s primary objective is to provide data indexing infrastructure services and consulting to users of The Graph. The Graph allows independent Data Providers, like Wavefive, to work together to deliver data middleware to web developers in a delightful, performant and highly resilient manner. We are passionate about taking an IT infrastructure approach that minimizes the use of cloud computing and focuses on self-hosting where possible, and co-locating infrastructure if required.
Wavefive runs private nodes for many networks and is also present in many research and incentivised testnets including Ethereum PoS, Cosmos chains, Polkadot parachains and beyond.
Wavefive’s Director, Jim Cousins, has been investing in the Web3 space since 2012 and participates in governance for many of the above networks. Jim also sits on The Graph Council representing small independent Indexers as well as providing input on grants and funding for the Graph ecosystem and upgrades to the protocol.